Michael Jacklin, Various Thoughts: 6 March – 10 April 2021

Slewe Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition Various Thoughts by Dutch artist Michael Jacklin (*1956). The exhibition will show some new works. It opens Saturday 6 March and runs until 10 April, 2021. Due to the Corona regulations there will be no special opening. You can visit the the exhibition by making an appointment in advance from Wednesday to Saturday from 1 to 6 pm.

Michael Jacklin is one of the rare fundamental working sculptors of his generation. He focuses on the specific qualities of the material as well as on the sculptural principles such as mass, rhythm and gravity. Since 1984 he works exclusively with iron. His preference for this material derives from his fascination for iron constructions in bridges and architecture. The last few years most work are made of either staff iron or iron plate. With basic forms, such as cubes, boxes and spheres he builds up an open grid like construction. A subtle play of lines and intervals occurs when you move around them …

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Jan Roeland, Selected Works: 20 January – 27 February 2021

Slewe Gallery is pleased to host the exhibition with selected works by Jan Roeland, who passed away five years ago. The selection of works includes paintings through the years, with boxes and tables from the seventies and knifes and cones from the eighties to his last motifs of single flowers and branches. It shows the astonishing consistent and varied artistic development of a Dutch master painter. Due to the Corona regulations the show will be on view online only or by appointment until February 27. 

Jan Roeland (1935-2016) has built up an oeuvre of paintings which moves between geometric abstraction and figuration. Recognizable simple motifs of everyday objects, such as hammers, toy-aeroplanes, plants and ducks give his formally built up abstract painting some sense of humor. His paintings are precisely constructed and built up with several layers of oil paint, in which color plays an important role. The relatively small formats of his canvases fit in the old Dutch tradition of Easel-painting …

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